Ray Comfort and the “Special Introduction” to the Origin of Species – Why?

The web is full of links and information regarding Ray Comfort’s “Special Introduction” to the Origin of Species passed out on University Campuses all across America on November 18, 2009, Darwin’s 150th anniversary of the original publication (Darwin born February 12, 1809 and Origin was published November 24, 1859). Here are a couple highlights, several noted links, and VIA comments on this endeavor.

CNN Report: http://us.cnn.com/video/?/video/us/2009/11/20/costello.cameron.evolution.cnn.
The National Center for Science Education.
Talk Origins Index to Creationists Claims.
National Science Foundation’s launch of the Evolution of Evolution site.
The Complete Works of Darwin online..

Journals and Articles – from the NCSE listing

Additional Links – from the NCSE listing

Books – from the NCSE listing

About creationism:
About evolution:


— VIA —

The continued rhetoric and propaganda of Creationists is unfortunate on multiple levels and I am becoming more frustrated and disillusioned with my “brothers and sisters” in the “creationism” camp. While I love them, and believe they are striving to love and honor God, I am flabbergasted as to how they continue to perpetuate these ideas and materials. Though there is an adherence to the “Scriptures” of Genesis, their understanding, perspectives, and a priori assumptions are baffling to those who believe that there is the possibility of reasonable and logical discourse.

There are literally hundreds (perhaps thousands) of rebuttals to the arguments, all listed above, in various formats. So, as I have thought about this post (thinking about the bad theology, the lack of listening, the poor logic, the deceitfulness of the approach, the dismissive attitudes, the lack of humility, the uneducated proponents, etc.), I have sought to reflect on the question of “why?”

Why do Comfort and Cameron continue this approach? Why do they believe what they believe of Genesis and the conclusions of possibly interpreting it differently? Why the passion behind the propaganda? Where does this come from, and what fuels and inflames it? Why are young-earth creationists so unwilling to accept the commonly held “evidence?” Why are people so selective in their worldview understandings? Why are people so unwilling to lay down their deeply held beliefs in light of better reason?

I do not have the audacity to suggest I will be able to answer these questions in this post, however, I would like to offer a few reflections that may help us all to understand, not just the argumentation, but the psyche behind this kind of culture war.

1. A FUNDAMENTAL FOUNDATION OF FUNDAMENTALISM IS THE FEELING OF FEAR. Those who hold so vehemently to dogmatic positions, if you listen carefully, feel threatened, as if something is being taken away from them, their identity, their traditions, their understanding, etc. There is a constant sense of being “under attack.” You can see it clearly in Cameron’s introductory video, and you can hear it in virtually all of the arguments put forth. While this may be broad-brushing a bit, fundamentalism = fear. This is true, for the religious or the non-religious.

2. FUNDAMENTALISM MARRIES OPINION WITH TRUTH. The essence of dogma is the danger of marrying one’s understanding with the absolute truth. Once that matrimony takes place, to question your opinion is to question the absolute truth about God. And in accord with good Biblical teaching, the “two have become one flesh” so as to make it impossible to divorce what you think is true with truth itself. Perhaps this is a very hasty marriage, one that only juveniles make in the heat and passion of eros. I suggest this is idolatry at its base identity, the valuing of one’s own understanding above a humble and other-valuing engagement with the truth.

On that note, I find it fascinating that scientists are the first to admit that an idea could change if evidence points in a different direction, while religious fundamentalists are the last to admit that their hermeneutic could be wrong if shown a more viable way to interpret theology and/or the Scriptures.

To all of this, Jesus answers in love and worship. Love is in essence the opposite of fear (1 John 4:18), and true worship is to value God above all things, including our own thoughts, our own ways, our own concepts and ideas.

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  2. VIA

    The link above “ALL Editions…” linked to my site under the phrase “somehow disrespectful to Darwin.” Aside from being non sequitur, I offer some observations about their post:

    1. While the post, (linked above) opines that Comfort’s introduction is “coherent” and “legitimate,” in its argumentation, the tone and tenor of the post is still one of anecdotes, dismissal, and ad hominem remarks and thus illegitimate when it comes to intelligent discourse.

    2. The reference to Christians being “concerned about the truth,” has yet to be substantiated with a disclosed admittance of where Christians “got it wrong.” Until that step of humility is taken, it is going to be difficult to substantiate the altruistic claim to a value of the truth. In its place is still the appearance of closed-minded ideological dogma with a staunch commitment to mis-interpreted constructs of religion.

    3. Through all that, I maintain a sense of hope–the Biblical understanding–that this can change, and that will through those who claim to love God who will humble themselves and love God with all their minds.

  3. Arny

    If the Creation theory is true, and tested scientifically, that wouldn’t mean victory to any religion (though they can fight among themselves to claim victor). To the scientific community, it only proved that one of the statement in these collection of works by different people stood through the test, by the scientific approach. If you think about this, if that day does come, Science should be given the credit for seeking answer objectively rather than not.
    As for this book by Bridge-Logos publishing, shame on you for deceiving people into believing that this book is about “The Origin of Species” while spreading half-baked statements, opinions, interpretations and worthless comments. The introductory section killed the book’s title!

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