Louie Giglio – Trees of Hong Kong

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Can the church be relevant as we move forward?

“Gospel” is a story of how to move forward, and why, and everyone has an idea of how and why to move forward. And as believers, we have an idea, a story, for how and why to move forward…and that gospel, that story is Jesus.

“Q” is a conversation about potentiality.

Transcendent leadership is…

  1. Old enough to be informed with confidence.
  2. Present enough to convince every person that they are known and understood.
  3. Forward enough to breathe hope no matter what the circumstances are.

And all of those things are linked into our identity with Jesus.


They went the longest way possible, and the most costly way possible. And in their process of modernizing, they preserved. And they made the past central though they leaned forward for what can be, should be…and that is what the church has got to do if we are going to be transcendent.

Jesus is the constant, and He is in the midst of us. And that is the gospel.

— VIA —

I was most intrigued by this idea of “potentiality,” which is really preacher-speak (or managerial speak) for “hope;” that the gospel is what could be. And along the lines of what Giglio shared, it is only because of what we know of the past that we can dream of the future hope.

This is why we read the Scriptures. Not as a merely pious and static discipline, but because we can re-engage with the stories and people of the past, grounding us in their narrative, which can give us a whole new gospel of potentiality in our day, and in our time.

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