Leadership Summit 2009 – Dave Gibbons: Third Culture Leadership (Thinking Forward)

Posted on August 7, 2009




Third Culture Leadership

Start with the Two Greatest Commandments: Love God, Love People.

We’ve perhaps silenced the second part of this commandment. Who is our neighbor?

Who is a third culture leader? In one word, “adaptation.” In two words, it’s “painful adaptation.”

The mindset and will to love, learn, and serve in any culture even in the midst of pain or discomfort.

A third culture leader is focused on the fringe. The misfit. “Margins lead movements.”

What holds us back from loving on the fringe?

How do you define success? The metrics

  1. Failure is success. It is the thing that the world connect with you on. It’s the authority to speak to this world. Most of the world doesn’t understand success, but they do understand suffering.
  2. Weakness guides us more than our strengths.
  3. Relationships trump vision. We don’t need more visionaries. We need more relationaries.

For the Third Culture Leader, obedience is more important than passion. There are four acts of obedience you should consider if you want to be successful

  1. Deeper Collaboration.
  2. Communal Living.
  3. Prayer.
  4. Radical Sacrifice for the Outsiders.