LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2009 – Bono: The Church…Three Years Later

Posted on August 7, 2009




The Church...Three Years Later

We believe that ‘love thy neighbor’ is not a vice.

“I referred to the church as the “sleeping giant,” but what I didn’t know is that the giant could run that fast.”

As smart as someone can be, intuition is better than intellect.

You should never believe that it’s all dependent upon you. But you should never be surprised that it is hard.

Where does this ongoing journey of equality stop?


Remember Matthew 25. If we neglect using our leadership positions to help the poor, we will have missed it.

If serious-minded Christians, with the sovereignty of the Holy Spirit, will get engaged… I challenge you, company leaders, NGO leaders, church leaders, to get engaged. However, and wherever you play, plan. It can be said of this generation, and this time, that we ended extreme poverty, stupid poverty, insane poverty.