LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2009 – Bill Hybels: Closing

Posted on August 7, 2009




(after the Tony Blair interview)… I would ask every leader to ask the question of your irreducible core, and to stay true to that.

2 Kings 5, the story of Naaman. The great temptation for some of us is that we have to set our minds in the next 48 hours is to go out and do some great huge thing. But first, I would suggest that you are called also to do a few very simple things. I would ask you, challenge you to…

1. Establish a time and a place where you will meet personally with your God everyday.
2. Commit to reading good books at least 30 min./day.
3. Review your replenishment strategy.
4. Decide that you’re going to say “yes” to God every time His spirit prompts you to do something. “I’m going to say, ‘yes.’ God, what’s the question?”

It’s often the doing of these simple things that builds the impact and influence of a leader. These simple things are the building blocks of God doing something amazing in me someday.

What will you live for, what will you keep score for?