Leadership Summit 2009 – Jessica Jackley: KIVA

Posted on August 6, 2009





KIVA’s payback rate is 98.5%.

We believe people want to be good, they just need an avenue to do good.

We believe in the value of co-creation. You have to give up control. You have to be de-centralized.

How do you keep from “herding cats?” We have a mission that we come back to consistently. When you build common purpose, that, and not top-down management, is the best way to predict outcomes in an unpredictable environment.

Role of innovation. Innovation and entrepreneurship is really life giving, that revive us, and create in us a sense of purpose. If there is any place for this, it should be the church. This should be the safest place to create those innovative projects and ideas.

Sacrificial giving changes the giver as well as the recipient. There is the idea of change and community, and a gift within the loan. Great poets show, they don’t tell. Show people, and give them an opportunity, and they will naturally crave it.

I would hope that we never allow fear to keep us from taking bold new risks, or keep us from being nimble, or being a pioneer.

1. The best way to create big change is to have the patience to focus on one small community.
2. Keep going. You’ll learn more in the first few days in trying it out and experimenting than in the year planning it.

Information diversity creates the best outcomes. A dream team, working with leaders that have the experience, and those that don’t.

What I think will change the world is a change in mindset. All the rest is logistics. When you truly believe that changing the life of a woman in a hut in Africa can change the world, then the rest is just logistics. As we change what we believe in each other that will be a good thing. Blurring the lines of the false dichotomy.