Mozilla’s Director of Evangelism – Have You Ever Been “Jesus Jumped?”

Posted on June 30, 2009


While watching Firefox’s new browser release videos, this popped on to the screen:

Director of Evangelism

The phrase that caught my attention in the video is “real world performance characteristics.” I think I’ve fallen in love with that statement, more so than the phrase usually associated with “evangelism,” (at least in faith communities) of “spreading the good news.”

In Greek, the word “evangelism” does denote “good news,” or “good tidings,” but it unfortunately connotes (to many), “proselytization,” “tracks,” “sharing the gospel,” etc. A friend of ours (who is a Christian) relayed a personal story in which her friend (who is not a person of any faith) was recently “Jesus Jumped.” I’m sure many would find that statement appropriate. In some ways, this kind of “loving evangelism’s,” “real world performance characteristics,” means a “verbal assault” of religious platitudes and exhortations.

So, thanks Mozilla, for giving me a phraseology that I think I’ll begin to employ when thinking about what, in faith communities, is known as “lifestyle evangelism.” We ought to ask the question, what are the “real world performance characteristics” of this faith we profess?

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