Leadership Summit 1997 | BILL HYBELS: Dangerous Leaders

Posted on April 2, 2009




There are two kinds of “dangerous” leaders. Which one are you? Are you the reckless kind of “dangerous” leader, in the negative sense. Or, are you “dangerous” in the sense sold-out, fired up, willing to sacrifice it all to fulfill what God has called you to?

“There’s nothin’ like a truly dangerous church leader.” Definition?

1. One who makes a private pact with God to live in vital union with Christ no matter what the cost.

2. One who establishes their own performance standards rather than trying to meet other people’s expectations. “Internal quality control mechanism.” Is what we give our very best.

3. One who elevates the performance and attitudes of everyone around them.

4. One who setbacks fire them up instead of shut them down.

5. One who arrange their lives in such a way that they’ll remain a threat for years to come. Live your life in such a way as it is sustainable.

Unfortunately, there are leaders who are no longer dangerous. They’ve fallen into some traps.

1. They’ve become “crowd-pleasures” and “ear-ticklers.” Leaders that say that “all is well” when all is not well.

2. “Competition.” This motivation is no longer driven by the internal calling, but for the sheer purpose of wanting to stay ahead of others. Why can’t we see that whenever another ministry wins, we all win?!

3. Infected with “gradiosity.” That is, the need to use “-est” words…”biggest,” “largest,” “coolest,” etc.

4. Lose their nerve. They don’t dream of the future anymore. One of the most dangerous leadership passages is from Esther, “If I perish, I perish.”

When you no longer become dangerous to the opposition, you become a menace to the church.

For the eyes of our Lord move to and fro throughout the entire earth, looking to strongly support those whose hearts are fully His.

A dangerous leader is someone whose heart is fully God’s.

You got a decision to make, leader. You’ve got to decide just how dangerous you want to be. God’s eyes are still searching, just looking for someone whose heart is fully His.