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Patrick Lencioni (POV) – Rediscovering Work

March 31, 2009


Yesterday, my staff and I were talking about what a blessing it is to have a job, and especially one you like. No doubt. Pat’s POV this week was right in line. Here’s the email in its entirety with the underlines that I particularly appreciated. “ Sometimes when we’re in the midst of a major […]

Take It Home | Notes & Review

March 28, 2009


Mark Holmen and Dave Teixeira. Take It Home: Inspiration and Events to Help Parents Spiritually Transform Their Children. Gospel Light, 2008. (248 pages). NOTES: DVD segment 1: Family Ministry vs. Faith At Home Mark Holmen The home is the primary place where spirituality is to be nurtured. And while “family” ministry is catching on, there […]

Are We Home Alone – Friedman’s Call To Values

March 22, 2009


“Are We Home Alone” – Thomas Friedman, March 21, 2009 The sentiments here were very reminiscent of Barry Schwartz’s talk at TED. Here is the excerpt from Friedman worth stating again: Inspiring conduct has so much more of an impact than coercing it. “There is nothing more powerful than inspirational leadership that unleashes principled behavior […]

TED Talks Worth Talking About | Daniel Dennett – Cute, Sexy, Sweet, Funny: An Evolutionary Riddle

March 20, 2009

0 I find Daniel Dennett to be one of the most challenging atheist philosophers for several reasons. First, he is, in my perspective, respectable and reasonable as well as intelligent in his argumentation. While others are vitriolic, Dennett continues to pose thoughts and ideas that are honorable to the field of science, philosophy, and even […]

The View From The Mastaba – Gary Burge’s View is Skewed

March 20, 2009


Books and Culture recently published “The View From The Mastaba: Jesus From a Middle Eastern Perspective,” March 6, 2009, written by Gary Burge, professor at Wheaton. There are some things to applaud, yet there are some things that must be highlighted regarding his critique. To applaud: Burge is absolutely correct that there is “meaning beneath […]

Wicked – The Musical

March 19, 2009


Last night my wife and I saw “Wicked.” Fantastic! In addition to being highly entertaining, well acted, and well produced with tunes that get stuck in your head, there are some themes that run throughout that are worth noting. As many commentators have already suggested, this is yet another example of truth being staged through […]

Big Think – Crowdsourcing Community and A Diffusion of Authority

March 16, 2009


Discovered this site today. It has been called the “Intellectual YouTube”: The gist? From the “About” page: In the global digital age, there is a glut of accessible information. And while this information empowers you, the citizen-consumer, the only way to make any sense of it, is to begin an interactive relationship with the […]