The Huxley Memorial Debate, Oxford Union – February 14, 1986

Posted on January 5, 2009


My copy just arrived in the mail today! I’m listening to the Introduction of what is sure to be a lively and exciting debate (3 hrs. 49 mins.) And because of its setting in England, the tone and tenor is of the same energy and vigor of the House of Commons (at least of what I’ve seen on C-SPAN) (Wikipedia entry, You may pick up your copy here, for only $8.


Huxley Memorial Debate Oxford Union, February 14, 1986

The motion:

“That the Doctrine of Creation is more valid than the Theory of Evolution.”

Ayes 150

Theodore Wilson
Professor Edgar Andrews – Queen Mary College, London
Peter Ross
Dr. Arthur E. Wilder-Smith – Professor of Pharmacology and Consultant from Geneva

Noes 198

Emma Jenks
Dr. Richard Dawkins – New College
Daniella Sief
Professor J. Maynard-Smith – Professor of Biology, University of Sussex

(The original debate between Thomas Henry Huxley and Bishop Samuel Wilberforce was held at a meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science held at Oxford on June the 30th, 1860.)