I just got the catalog in the mail with a few new ones. While virtually all of the demotivators are brilliant, this one seemed appropriate for this venue. Hilarious…and of course, quite true.

Why then do we spend so much time in this kind of actvity? Well, I muse, and perhaps a few will actually read this post! 🙂

THERE ARE SOME WIDELY READ BLOGS. There actually are a few out there that have a wide readership. But for the vast majority, it’s not because they’re bloggers, but rather because they are involved in a “real vocation” of which blogging is simply an extension. The web has simply provided another vehicle for the proliferation of their ideas of which a following has already been gained.

BLOGGING IS THERAPY. The internet (the electronic) has become a substitute for real (tangible) life; hence the existence of “virtual” realities. This is then true for dysfunctions as well as functions. I suppose many blog because it’s great therapy for their loneliness, their boxed-in ideologies, or their disappointments or disillusionment at life.

BLOGGING IS ACCOUNTABLE COLLABORATION. This is one of the reasons why I blog. I was hesitant for a while, but as I strive to be a writer, with cogent and articulate thoughts, making my ideas public forces a discipline that would not otherwise exist had I kept these things in a “journal.” Many comments thus far have already helped shaped my ideas, and the words and ways in which I purvey them.

BLOGGING IS FUN. Simply put, it’s just a delight and joy to translate and transform your life’s experiences into a medium that can be shared and commented on.

Lastly, I simply want to suggest that while I love and think that their demotivators are brilliant and sarcastic wit (that always includes a heap of truth), there is a serious side to their jabs. Regarding the blogging quote, while not much is being said to so few, in a globalized world, those few could be very dangerous and influential to the rest of the world. So, those of us who do take up the venture of sharing our ideas, our lives, and our revolutions with the world, may we all be responsible with each word, each comment, and each post, that we may call humanity to the highest values, the greatest good, the widest benefits, and the purest of blessings, beginning with the one, the small, and the few. Mustard seed

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