Leadership Summit 2008 | CHUCK COLSON: Defending the Faith

Posted on August 8, 2008


SESSION 6. Summit Page.

“The reason the church is not making disciples is because we’ve bought into a lie. We’ve traded in our commitment to truth for therapy.”

1. Train the troops.
2. Inspire a bigger vision.
3. Follow Me.

“If you’re a shepherd, your job is not to pander to the people, your job is to lead them into the truth, to defend it, and to defend the faith.”

How can we hold in our minds John 14:6 and say that all religions lead you to heaven?

Stop blaming the culture when everything goes wrong. Cf. gay marriage in California.

Why are 2.3 million people in prison? They lack the moral training given during the time of the morally developmental years.

“Culture is nothing but religion incarnate.” If the culture is sick, that means that the church is sick. Maybe we’re in Babylonian captivity. Are we in exile?

WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY? Conversation? Relationship with Jesus? Church? Religion? All of those things, and so much more. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God! It is a worldview, seeing all of life through the eyes of God and all Christians are called to live that way.

GOD IS. The first presupposition of reality is that “God is.” We have wonderful rational reasons to believe this. Clearly this is the most rational choice.

HE HAS SPOKEN. There is no question in my mind that this book is the Word of God. We need to absorb this and make it part of our being.


WE NEED DESPERATELY TO UNDERSTAND THE INCARNATION IS NOT JUST ABOUT A BABE IN A MANGER, BUT THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE COMING AMONG US. A conversion is not raising your hands to accept Jesus. It’s when you go to the cross and your life is changed.


WE ARE TO BE HOLY. We must live righteous lives amongst each other.

“The Christian worldview is the only one that is sustainable.” And, we don’t impose we propose. We have an invitation to you for a way of life that is rational, sustainable, and true. Come to the wedding feast.


My least favorite session thus far. Not that I do not respect nor appreciate Colson or his ministry, especially his prison work, but because the fundamentalist assumptions are discomforting to those of us who have discovered that God is a bit bigger and complex and more mystical than our modern ideologies, and even the historical ways in which we’ve interpreted Jesus’ words and statements.

For example, his statement that “we don’t live by ideologies as Christians, we live by revealed truth,” is troubling and perhaps a bit hypocritical. Any assertion, even based on the Bible is somewhat ideological and dogmatic. Even if one says that the Bible is the Word of God; that, too, is ideological. A belief may have some substantive reasoning, but still, in the end, ideological.

Also, a theology 101 class seems a bit inappropriate for a Leadership Summit. I preferred Haugen’s talk much more along the lines of Leadership for a theological purpose.

I must say, however, in spite of my criticism, that I agree very much with Colson’s opening statement: “The reason the church is not making disciples is because we’ve bought into a lie. We’ve traded in our commitment to truth for therapy.” I just simply disagree with the philosophies and direction that is suggested by Colson for getting us back on the discipleship track.