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Warren, McCain, Obama and the Saddleback Civil Forum

August 16, 2008


If you haven’t heard the buzz around the “Civil Forum on the Presidency” hosted by Rick Warren, Saddleback, and Faith in Public Life, aired by CNN, (July interview with Warren) it was quite the event. Below is a “live-blog” post of the questions asked, the responses, which were around these four areas: 1. The Stewardship […]

The Mission Of God – Notes & Review

August 15, 2008


This Out Of Ur blog post by Scot McKnight inspired this post of my review. Wright, Christopher J. The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative. IVP: 2006. (581 pages). Simply well done and very thorough.  Addressing the need to reassess our understanding of “mission” and all the other words that go with it, […]

The Biggest Issue – What Is Damaging American Education?

August 12, 2008


In light of the Wendy Kopp interview at the Leadership Summit, and more specifically the Gallup 20 poll that was referenced, I thought I’d post this article by David Brooks which suggests a completely opposite suggestion from Kopp’s. That is, falling school quality is not to blame for declining graduation rates. Rather it is family […]

Antikythera Mechanism and Living in the Tension of Humanity’s Existence

August 11, 2008


My wife pointed out this article from the on the Antikythera Mechanism. A video production is available at the site. UPDATE: 2010-12-10, a reconstruction of this ancient mechanism, made out of Lego! I offer this post as a testimony to the amazing ancient world. We often believe, due in part to the Enlightenment, […]

Proving God’s Existence?…100%?…Without Faith?…With Kirk Cameron?

August 11, 2008


ABC News and Nightline hosted a “face-off” between Christians and Atheists to debate the existence of God. The ABC News page is here, and the YouTube videos begin with pt.1.’s page. Richard blog post. Ray Comfort’s site, The Way of the Master, the YouTube account. The Blasphemy Challenge site. The Rational Response Squad. […]

Good To Great and the Social Sectors | Notes & Review

August 9, 2008


Jim Collins. Good To Great and the Social Sectors: A Monograph to Accompany Good to Great (Why Business Thinking is not the Answer). Harper-Collins, 2005. (35 pages) How do social sector organizations ‘calibrate success without business metrics,’ ‘get things done within a diffuse power structure,’ ‘get the right people on the bus within social sector […]

Good To Great | Notes & Review

August 9, 2008


After Wendy Kopp’s session, I decided to post my review of Collins’ two works that have been influential in my thinking, leadership, and management. Collins, Jim. Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap, and Others Don’t. Collins, 2001 (300 pages). One of my favorite books. Perhaps what makes this book so great, is […]