TED Talks Worth Talking About | Billy Graham On Technology, Faith, and Suffering

Posted on July 17, 2008


One of the reasons why TED is so good, is that they’re willing to reach to any direction for truth and discovery. This talk by Billy Graham highlights the three problems that technology cannot solve. Beginning with the Hittite development of Iron and the Israelites’ adaptation of that technology, a  move that helped poise the nation of Israel as a powerful influence, Graham addresses these three issues with concision and clarity.

NOTE: The video is from February 1998, so it’s a little dated. Regardless, the content is still prophetic.

1. Technology cannot solve the problem of human evil. Where does it come from, and how do we defeat it? Something is wrong, and it is still with us. The problem is that we are separated from our Creator, and we need our souls restored, which only God can do.

2. Technology cannot solve the problem of human suffering. Yes, to be sure, science has done much to push back certain types of human suffering, but it cannot solve the problem of suffering.

3. Technology cannot solve the problem of death. The greatest surprise in my life is the brevity of life.


I am impressed with Graham’s humility, and graciousness to his audience as to the boundaries of his field. And I am blessed by the audience’s reception of him, and the message. I commend this talk to us all as a gentle reminder of our humble existence, and the need to talk to the heart/soul, as much as to the head.

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