TED Talks Worth Talking About | Alisa Miller – The News About the News

As the CEO of American Public Radio, Alisa Miller brings an extremely insightful look at the breadth of American media. The short 4 1/2 min. talk is here.

[If anyone has a the actual graphics that she used in her talk, I would love to get a hold of those.]

I suppose we could consider “American globalization” an oxymoron in regards to the media. I was delightfully surprised, however, that it was also reported that American interests are on the rise towards international relations. My next question would be how that interest breaks down geographically in America. I would also be curious to know the breakdown of what channels/networks are striving for greater news coverage of world events versus the latest celebrity gossip. Are there news media organizations striving to be above board? And if so, is America tuning in?

I would also suggest that this drive also greatly influences the interaction between faith and culture, and there is something to learn about the propensity of humanity to look inward at associated affinities as opposed to looking outward towards unfamiliar territory. While this may seem elementary to some, it is true that most arguments and discussions between opposing entities usually involve the value of bastioning one’s position over and above opening up towards a discovery of truth.

This is how theology students become Calvinists and Arminian, how church folk become denominational, and how everyone becomes pigeon-holed; in many ways, narcissism is self-imposed. I also hope that discovering this selfish bent in ourselves is also, paradoxically, the way out; that we could reach beyond it, and endure the cost (as mentioned by Miller) and ask ourselves, ‘can we afford not to’ discover a world beyond ourselves?

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