The Kingdom – Movie Review

My wife and I watched The Kingdom last night, recommended by a friend who works in the Middle East. There are three elements of the movie that give reason why every American should watch this.


1. I believe that most Americans are ignorant and highly naive when it comes to the depth of the terrorist mindset in the psyche of terrorists. This movie helps to illuminate that a bit better, and allows the viewer to see that this plight to humanity is not bound or limited to a particular people group, but as Alexandr Solzhenitzen has said,

The line that divides Good and Evil runs not between nations and parties or physical armies, but right down the middle of every human soul. [1]

The film allows you to see that the fight against terrorism is a fight that every people group battles.

2. There is a quote in the middle of the movie that is valuably applicable to all of life:

You know, Westmoreland made all of us officers write our own obituaries during Tet, when we thought The Cong were gonna end it all right there. And, once we clued into the fact that life is finite, the thought of losing it didn’t scare us anymore. The end comes no matter what, the only thing that matters is how do you wanna go out, on your feet or on your knees? I bring that lesson to this job. I act, knowing that someday this job will end, no matter what. You should do the same.

3. The closing whispering scene where both the “good” guys and the “bad” guys whisper the same thing, “don’t worry, we’ll kill them all,” ought to awaken us all to the fuel that we all contribute, through rage and revenge to the suffering of humankind.

[1] Quoted in Peter Kreeft, Angels and Demons: What Do We Really Know About Them? (Ignatius Press, 1995), 97.

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  1. Wil

    Man… this is a great movie … and the line that the FBI director tells the attorney general about the job and life being finite is so applicable to today.

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