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Malcolm X and the Psychosis of Race in America

July 31, 2008


As part of the series of posts on race relations in America in this blog, I am listening with new ears, diving into the psychosis of this kind of rhetoric (and I mean that phrase in the technical definitions). I listened to Malcolm X’s speech entitled “The Ballot or the Bullet” delivered April 12, 1964 […]

Ward Connerly and the Psychosis of Race Relations in America

July 19, 2008


In an effort to keep balanced, I offer this article in the Wall Street Journal by Ward Connerly to give voice to the various perspective and sides on the issues of race and justice. Ward Connerly is the former University of California Regent and chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute, a national non-profit organization […]

TED Talks Worth Talking About | Billy Graham On Technology, Faith, and Suffering

July 17, 2008


One of the reasons why TED is so good, is that they’re willing to reach to any direction for truth and discovery. This talk by Billy Graham highlights the three problems that technology cannot solve. Beginning with the Hittite development of Iron and the Israelites’ adaptation of that technology, a  move that helped poise the […]

It Takes a School, Not Missiles

July 13, 2008


There are some articles that just need to be widely promulgated. This is one of them. I commend it to you to think in small local ways where you are, where you live. While everyone cannot necessarily go where Mortenson goes, I believe, in big and small ways, we all can do what he does, […]

REVEAL – Shock And Uhh…

July 11, 2008


There’s been a bunch of discussion about Willow Creek’s REVEAL work. You can watch the video here, and at Out Of Ur. Here’s the REVEAL website. There’s also way too much in the blogosphere to be cited here, but I’m sure you could find plenty to read. UPDATE (June 2008): Willow released this video of […]

The Blogosphere’s Puberty Choir – Jesus Creed’s Advice To (Young) Theologians/Bloggers and the Blogosphere’s Double Ring

July 11, 2008


The Jesus Creed blog by Scot McKnight posted the popular “A Little Exercise For Young Theologians.” I thought I would use this post as a launching pad for the purpose and mission of the VIAlogue blog, and, as always, make some comments and pose some questions regarding McKnight’s thoughts, which I have an appreciation for. […]

CNN’s “Black In America”

July 11, 2008


More information can obviously be found at the CNN website. The special seems to have four unique components: “The Black Woman and Family,” “The Black Man,” “The King Assassination,” and the “HBCU Tour.” (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). In this first installment of CNN’s Black in America series, “Eyewitness to Murder: The King Assassination.” Soledad […]