Louie, Laminin, and a Leap – Religious Devotion and Accurate Facts

This talk by Louie Giglio has been circulating in my inbox lately from several sources. Giglio, talking about how Christ “holds all things together” alludes to Laminin, a protein in the shape of a cross as the capstone image for the kind of reality the Bible describes. For those of the Christian persuasion, it’s a magical way of seeing Christ in everything, and a Colossians 1 illustration.

Snopes.com has a post that is informative and grounding in its evaluation.

But what I’d like to focus on is the connection between historical fact (and other kinds of accuracies) and religious devotion, what I’ll also call spiritual phenomenology, the esoteric experiences one tends to have through messages like these.

So here are a few questions.

Is it important for one’s personal experience to be accurately connected to a set of data points in history and reality?

It is probable that the cross Jesus hung on was a capital “T” shape with the crossbar resting on the end of the upright pole. I don’t think we’ll ever come to a level of certitude that is conclusive, but it is likely that the connection being drawn between laminin and the cross of Jesus is more based on an “esoteric interpretative spiritual etherealness” than a more disciplined connection between history, current biology, and theology.

So, does this disqualify the teaching as irrelevant or inaccurate?

I would suggest, “no.” Why? Because a spiritual experience is always esoteric and interpretative. Crafting a connection is part of the gifting that God seems to give to communicators (like Giglio), and instead of criticizing its accuracy, we ought to be applauding its ability to move people, bring people to a sense of awe, and wonder.

I was with a surgeon when I saw Giglio give this talk, and she said that she of course knew about laminin but never put the two together the way Giglio did. She felt it was an “interesting” interpretation, and yet was still moved and touched by the commentary our biology was seemingly making on the realities of our existence. Whether or not Jesus’ cross was actually that shape was irrelevant. The point stands on its own without the need to clutter it with historical criticism. And that’s okay.

Is this simply another postmodern “experiential” thing?

Perhaps. While postmodern epistemology values personal experience over objectified knowledge, I would suggest that the mere existence of this kind of phenomena speaks to the way that all humanity has worked and experienced life and spirituality throughout history. For those who simply want to decry experience as some postmodern deviance from a higher epistemological ethic, I would suggest that there is something very real, and very deep within the human psyche that has brought about our current cultural phenomenology, not the other way around.

Does this necessarily disqualify any devotional idea from being “true?”

No. Biblical critics who want to eliminate the Bible or other kinds of texts simply because they find it impossible that a person could be swallowed whole by a big fish and yet survive — or a parting sea, or a man walking on water — should not necessarily discount the conclusion and teaching simply because the means, the illustration, or the physical type is manipulated for that kind of devotion. Like everything, truth could be paradoxically true and phenomenologically moving…so why does it matter so much that the image is concretely accurate?

Is it then reasonable for someone to be skeptical, even apathetic towards these kinds of endeavors?

Sure. “This is a free country” as they say. But through these talks I suggest that the best way to be human is not to deny ourselves the search for significance, casting it aside as some sort of evolutionary fluke, but rather embrace our nomadic wandering through the universe as something to fill our souls with meaning. What cannot be denied is the experience, and I suggest that phenomenology is evidence that humanity desires to be anchored in something meaningful and moving. And that desire, that drive, is never going away.

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  1. Nadine

    Recommend The Case For A Creator…by Lee Strobel concerning future proof of God’s design

  2. Nadine

    *further evidence…forgive me

  3. Nicholas Miller

    when i saw the video i was realy tuched by the holy spirit and all glory gos to god thank you louie gby you well be in my prayers amen

  4. AMBER

    AWSOMW!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  5. Anonymous

    how awesome,wonderful…Blessed b the name of the LOrd..

  6. oscar rios

    please email me more info on laminin that would convince my supervisor that this is real please.

  7. jeane

    my name jeane and i would like to let you know that becausofe of you i realized that he really is in me completely. i show your laminin vidio to lots of people.

  8. Astha

    Funny how your answer is also based on the way you interpret it.
    The fact is that the fact is that laminin is in the shape of a cross.. it doesn’t matter if it was a T or t (cross shape). I think the point my friend is that those that don’t believe will continue to find a way and excuse to make it look like there has to be another explanation. When in fact the answer is staring you right in your FACE! people are too prideful and arrogant to admit that God exists and His work is marvelous!
    My challenge to you my friend, would be to humble yourself and actually admit that you are being stubborn and arrogant.

    Oh and the point you made about “humanity desires to be anchored in something meaningful and moving”
    I have a question for you, why do you think that we have that desire?? why?? the answer my friend which people like you unwilling, too prideful and rebellious to admit is that because God creating that desire… because HE is the answer to everything! He formed us! We all have a hole that needs filling only He can satisfy… but no people tend to fill that hole with all kinds of stuff…. I don’t want to derail here too much… but seriously my friend you just make me laugh at how prideful you are and have to come up with answers to continue to be prideful and arrogant and how hard it is for you to just surrender to God and admit He is who He says He is!

  9. I listened to one of Giglio’s “sermons” a while back. He used the planets and stars to show “God’s glory.” Feh, I can’t believe I got wowed by that. You can’t prove God’s grace or awesomeness through a bunch of coincidences or through sappy, pop theology. You can wow people with it, but what truly communicates God’s grace is what Christ has done–taking away our guilt for our sin so that we may be right with God.

    “As the crowds increased, Jesus said, ‘This is a wicked generation. It asks for a miraculous sign, but none will be given it except the sign of Jonah. For as Jonah was a sign to the Ninevites, so also will the Son of Man be to this generation.'” -Luke 11:28-30 (NIV)

  10. John

    I think you need to read the bible some more to appreciate the things Ps Giglio is saying. No one say Jesus is Lord except by the spirit of God. I’m with Ps Giglio in this, as long as it brings glory to God.

  11. Israel Fierro

    Brother Kenneth Chang,

    Yes sir! For God’s glory it is. If He created the planets and stars for His pleasure why not use it to lift up His name and bring Him glory. His Word says that, “My word will not come back void.” Brother Loiue Giglio is doing what God has laid on his heart. Instead of us criticizing one another let us pray for each other and him if you think he is in error or can do better. Isn’t that what Jesus would do? Amen. God bless you all in Jesus Christ’s name!!

  12. joe alvarez

    louie’s passion is awesome , my wife and i truly enjoy the way he shares the wisdom our GOD gave him.we share his entire “the heart of passion” talk series with whoever is in doubt that we have an awesome and mighty creator that truly loves us ,no matter what.thank you louie for inspiring us .GOD bless you, your loved ones,your church,ministry,and every one you speak with.my wife and i are hoping to attend one of your talks in person one day. with utmost respect , joe alvarez

  13. JO

    I’d like to point out that through Laminin, tumors exit the cell and metastisize to other parts of the body. Praise to jeebus

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  15. andriana

    when i listened to louie preaching it opened my eyes so much laminin is only one of the many examples of how much God really loves us its a sign there is no need to be ignorant only love God and his many ways to get to our hearts.


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