MINI Insider – How My First Born Will Be Named “Cooper”

Posted on May 10, 2008


As the vehicular life cycle comes to a close for one of our cars, the need to research other options that are sensible, economically wise, environmentally friendly, and still practically functional has birthed itself into my calendar. So, while researching the BMW MINI’s, I became an “Insider” which, with the rest of the legalese, included the following statements that were intriguing, fun, and provocative. I’ve included the full text of the agreement below.

For the sole purpose of giving me the best service possible, I agree to let MINI share the information I provide with other groups in the immediate MINI network, such as MINI dealers. MINI will never ever sell the information I have given. Nor will they share it with any 3rd parties that have no clear and direct link to MINI. Furthermore, even other groups within the immediate MINI network will never contact me in any way shape or form until I have explicitly grated them permission.

I also agree to avoid ruts.

And I agree to change my locker combination to include the numbers 1964 (the year we won our first Monte Carlo rally).

I agree to chase squirrels around the park every now and then and giggle like a madman while doing it.

I agree to be more adventurous and try to avoid homogenized restaurant chains.

I agree to name my first-born Cooper.

I agree to bare the soles of my feet to the earth and feel grass, sand, stones, and streams.

I agree to watch the movie “The Italian Job” as soon as I can. I agree to at least think strongly about learning to play a musical instrument.

I agree to consider painting the roof of my house in contrasting colors.

I’m not sure if BMW-MINI will ever sue me for breach of contract, but there is a small part of me that feels obligated to fulfill each of these items.


VIA is about faith and life and culture. What does this have to do with any of that?

It is for me another reminder that life, all of life, works around relationships bound in contracts and covenants with identified parties involved, stipulations and agreements, benefits and consequences. And even in this fun and quirky contract with BMW-MINI, there’s a naming agreement. There is something almost “spiritual” about each of the items; naming, celebration, commissioning, ritual…it’s all there.

Far fetched to draw this kind of connection? Perhaps. A bit whimsical? Sure. But I also hope that just like I clicked (“signed”) the agreement with delight, knowing that I was entering into an agreement that would ultimately bring greater joy and excitement into my life, so I would hope that we would do the same with the covenant agreements of our faith, knowing that the contract is really there to bring more life.

And, if I fail to name my first born “Cooper,” I willingly forfeit the blessings. For BWM-MINI, I suppose that’s fine. I’m not so sure I want to do that with my faith contract.

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