Mercy For Girls

Posted on April 13, 2008


I’ve been following a ministry for a little while called Mercy Ministries. They’ve recently released a 4-book set entitled “The Mercy For Series,” authored by the founder, Nancy Alcorn, that I think is worth getting. Each one is a short, quick read (~65-95 pages or so each), but they are full of real stories and testimonies, pertinent advice for victims and parents, Biblical references and prayers, and practical help tools for freedom and healing. They’re offering a deal through May 1, 2008.

Here are the opening Introductory quotes from each:

It’s all a blur. I am trapped inside my own mind in this obsession with my food and my desire to be thin. It consumes my entire life. My reflection makes me cringe, and the battle within me never stops. I don’t want to die, but in this state I refuse to live. – Starved, p.xv

I couldn’t stop myself. I had to cut. Not cutting meant everything was okay, and everything was anything but okay. So dead inside, I picked up a blade and glided it across my thigh. – Cut, p.xv

I was screaming from the depths of my soul, but nothing came out of my mouth. His hands were roaming my bare skin, as I lay helpless and scared to death. I closed my eyes so tightly they hurt, and I prayed that when I opened them, he would be gone and nothing would have ever happened. – Violated, p.xiii

I woke up on the floor drenched in my own vomit. Looking around the unfamiliar bathroom, I struggled to remember what had happened the night before. Everything was such a blur, and the only clue I had was the empty liquor bottle lying next to me and a small, empty plastic bag. – Trapped, p.xiii