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TED | Jim Holt: Why does the universe exist?

September 1, 2014


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Why does the universe exist? Why is there — Okay. Okay. (Laughter) This is a cosmic mystery. Be solemn. Why is there a world, why are we in it, and why is there something rather than nothing at all? I mean, this is the super ultimate “why” question? 0:30 So I’m going to talk about […]

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Her | Reflections

August 29, 2014



Her. 2013 [R] “Are these feelings really real, or are they just programming?” For the sensible, this movie may prove disturbing. For the sociologist, technologist, and humanist, Her is intriguing, inspiring, captivating, insightful, and touching. The discussion of human and robot/AI relationships is not new, and is reflected in several works, of which Love + Sex […]

What is Organizational Communication?

August 28, 2014


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By Matt Koschmann Department of Communication University of Colorado Boulder ©2012 _____________________________________________________________________________ So what is organizational communication? And what are we doing when we study organizational communication? I want to try and answer these questions from two different perspectives. First, we can talk about organizational communication as the communication that happens within organizations. That is, […]